Not been on here for a long time, So I’ve cleaned it up and I’m going to start using it as much as I can, to keep all you lovely followers up to date. I am currently doing my last year of college (A-Levels) in Art & Design, Graphics and Media Studies, these 3 subjects involve a LOT of coursework, time and dedication. So far this year I have not been keeping up-to-date and have fallen behind creating a massive work load for myself. So I will basically be doing a lot of art work up till around February where I’ll have a break, so lots of stuff on it’s way! 

Graphics/Art/photography themed work coming up: 

- The Seven Deadly Sins (Hand Drawn/Photography) 

- Movie Posters (Hand drawn/Computer) 

- The Shining (Computer Based) 

- The Who Quadrophenia themed work (Moving Image) 

- Grids (A project for a University I am attempting to get into) 

Things I’m contemplating on drawing/painting in very little spare time I have: 

- More “The Killers” themed pieces

- “The 1975” themed pieces

- “Lana Del Rey” themed pieces

- “Doctor Who” themed pieces

- “The Walking Dead” themed pieces

- “Hannibal” themed pieces

So hopefully some of that stuff interests you and if it does, Stick around! 

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