This piece is a tattoo I designed for myself. The piece is completely dedicated to the insanely talented band “The Killers”.

Each separate part of the drawing is an element from all their albums so far (not including Greatest Hits). To start off the blue building in the back is from the “Hot Fuss” album, the big horned sheep represents the “Sams Town” album - a lot of my friends didn’t think I should have put the sheep in as they instantly think of the beautiful woman on the front of the “Sams Town” album…I say, tough. I chose the sheep because to me it’s what I always think off especially with the sheeps head being on the physical CD disc. (Plus I love sheep). I chose this to be the main piece as “Sams Town” is without a doubt my favourite Killers album. The hand is from the album “Sawdust”, The pix-elated sun (Is that how I should describe it? haha) is from the “Day & Age” album, the K light (The Killers K) is from “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” album and the lightening bolt, which I want to try and make look like it’s tattooed on the sheep is from “Battle Born”. 

I really do love this design and I’ve wanted it for a long time, I recently booked with an amazing tattoo artist and I am very very excited BUT I don’t turn 18 till July next year so I’ve got some waiting around to do. The tattoo will be positioned on my upper left arm being the starting and main piece of a full sleeved tattoo completely dedicated to the musicians that have influenced my life in many ways. 

As for The Killers recent release of their Greatest Hits album artwork, I have been thinking of what element to choose and where to incorporate into my tattoo. I’m thinking of adding the target light, aim thing (I know, great description Louise) to the left side of the sheeps head or somewhere else where it doesn’t cover up any other element of the tattoo too much. So that’s it :) 

(Some Victims on Tumblr may have already seen this photo floating around on Tumblr/Instagram/Twitter, That’s just because I posted it originally a few weeks ago on my personal blog (televised-generation) before posting it through this blog, my art blog) :) 

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